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At FrameHive we understand that every one of your pictures tells a story or evokes a feeling that is dear to you. These precious pictures, artworks, or posters deserve to be beautifully displayed so you can share your stories and style in your space. That is why we strive to provide easy, online and customisable picture framing services for all. Therefore allowing you to beautifully display your style and memories in a way that compliments the aesthetic of your space.

Online picture framing services

Our mobile-friendly online platform makes picture framing an easy interactive experience. Allowing you to preview the finished product with our entire catalogue of sizes, frames and printing papers at your fingertips. This ensures that you can create a display in your artistic style that fits your aesthetic.

  • Endless customization

    With FrameHive, you are the artist. Explore a vast array of frame profiles and mat options to find the perfect combination that complements your unique style and vision.

  • Easy upload and preview:

    It's as simple as a few clicks! Upload your image, choose your preferred size, frame, and mat options, and instantly preview how your picture will look with your selections. Experiment until you're thrilled with the result.

  • Craftsmanship:

    Once you've designed your masterpiece, our team of skilled artisans gets to work. We print your photo with precision and frame it to your exact specifications, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship.

  • Convenient delivery:

    Your beautifully framed artwork is carefully packaged and sent straight to your doorstep. We take pride in ensuring your art arrives in pristine condition, ready to adorn your space.

Framing options

At FrameHive we have a variety of different frames available, to ensure we can make any artistic vision a reality. These frames are organised into the following frame groups:

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Antique Metallic

Our range of antique metallic frames is perfect for those who prefer a classic aesthetic for their picture framing. The metal provides a hint of opulence and class to the frame, that will elevate your art, and make it the centrepiece of any room’s decor. Within this frame group, we offer the following colours:

  • Diagonal brush bright gold
  • Criss-cross silver
  • Bright gold with a red scratch and brown fleck
  • Medium mahogany with gold lip
  • Antique mottle gold

Classic French

Easily the most iconic frames are the classic French design. These large ornate frames don’t just frame art they are themselves a work of art with ornate filigree and patterns decorating the frame. These frames are sure to impress and leave a lasting impression. Within this frame group, we offer the following colours:

  • Antique mottle gold
  • Distressed white
  • Ornate black silver
  • Decorative white
  • Distressed bronze

Contemporary Classic

Our contemporary classic frames offer a mix of modern and classical designs for your picture framing. The sleek design provides a contemporary look while the range of metallic colours gives it a classical look that never goes out of style. These frames are the perfect option for creating a fusion of the old world and the new. Within this frame group, we offer the following colours:

  • Tarnished silver with brown fleck
  • Gold with light fleck and black edging
  • Silver with light fleck and black edging
  • Light gold with darker gold fleck
  • Pale mahogany with gold inline
  • White Silver
  • Tarnished pewter with wood inlay
  • Ancient brass


Our Millennium range of frames offers a more contemporary design with subtler colours. This helps to make your artwork the centre of focus on the wall. These frames have a clean and crisp design helping to improve the aesthetic of your space. Within this frame group, we offer the following colours:

  • Silver tarnish with black lines
  • Coffee bean
  • Old brass distressed
  • Light brass distressed
  • Brilliant white

Minimalist Chic

Our range of minimalist chic frames is the perfect choice for those who prefer a modern aesthetic. These frames have a minimalist style that ensures your artwork take centre stage, while matching a contemporary minimalist aesthetic. Within this frame group, we offer the following colours:

  • Black
  • Ivory white with grain
  • Walnut brown

New York

Our New York-style frames are a wider style of frames. This broad design coupled with the simple colour options places your art or picture front and centre allowing it to shine. These frames are perfect for a rustic aesthetic with mild wood tones. Within this frame group, we offer the following colours:

  • Tarnished brass
  • Dark wood
  • Ivory white with distressed look
  • Light wood


The Renaissance was a time of enlightenment when fine art flourished and was truly appreciated. This is at the core of our range of Renaissance frames, which aims to bring a touch of classical style to your picture framing project. These broad frames provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your art to capture the attention of the entire room. Allowing your art to tell its story. Within this frame group, we offer the following colours:

  • Antique dark gold
  • Antique light gold

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